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Don't take it from us. Below are authentic, unsolicited responses we've received from our customers.

Customer Feedback

Hey thanks for the accommodation and extra discount. I just completed the transaction and look forward to receiving it. This has been one of the smoothest experiences with purchasing from anyone on eBay and I've been a seller and buyer for some time now so I really do appreciate it.
Aaron Dorris, 12/21/2017

Aaron contacted us after purchasing a new wallet from our eBay store, asking if we could preload his new wallet prior to shipping it. It was a great idea so we've since added product listings for eBay Add-Ons to the site!

    Wowww! I can't believe you going above and beyond like that! THANK YOU very much! Is there a way for me to send referral links other ways than social media? Like e-mail or text?

    Cesar Mejia, 12/21/2017

    Cesar was one of the site's first customers and asked if he could switch his order from Bitcoin to Ripple since he hadn't seen the Ripple listing at the time of his order. As a believer in and hodler of Ripple, we were happy to service his request.