Secure Wallets Preloaded With Cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrency shouldn't be difficult. Buying through exchanges requires technical knowledge and can leave your funds vulnerable to hackers. 

Preloaded hardware wallets empower everyone to safely and buy or gift Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

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Introducing Preloaded Wallets


  • Safe and Secure

    Paper and online wallets leave your cryptocurrencies vulnerable to theft. The Trezor hardware wallet stores your coin securely in a physical device.

  • A Great Investment

    We only preload currencies that have demonstrated potential for massive growth. Choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

  • Simple and Easy

    Online exchanges require registering and linking your bank account. Preloaded wallets are easy to purchase and make great gifts.

Buy $100 Worth of Ethereum Preloaded On A Trezor Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet



Why preloaded?

Preloaded wallets empower those new to cryptocurrencies to start investing quickly, easily and securely. They are also excellent gifts as they are way more exciting and useful than gift cards.

There's no need to register to an exchange, link a bank account, transfer funds, send coins or manage vulnerable paper wallets. Our checkout process is simple, secure and integrated with both Amazon Pay and Paypal.

Preloaded wallets are not for everyone, especially those familiar and comfortable with buying through online exchanges such as Coinbase or

How many units of the coin will I recieve?

For our standard $250 package, you will receive $100 worth of the selected coin. Currency conversions are calculated using the average market price from CoinMarketCap at the time of your order. CoinMarketCap provides reliable and transparent price charts updated every five minutes, and we always use the increment posted closest to your order time. Check the average market price at the time of your order here.

To calculate how much Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple you will receive, simply divide the USD value ($100) by the current market price. For example, at the market price of $15,000 per Bitcoin, you would receive 0.00666666 Bitcoin.

What's the catch?

There isn't one, we promise to remain transparent and fair. You get exactly what you pay for: a new, secure, no-hassle, preloaded Nano S. We keep absolutely no records of PINs or Recovery Phrases, and encourage users to take additional steps to further secure their wallets after receiving them.

The only copy ever to exist of your PIN and Recovery Phrase will be the handwritten version you receive. Included in each order is a print-out with detailed instructions explaining how to unload, reset, and reload your hardware wallet for maximum security.

Does Preloaded Wallets maintain access to my wallet?

No. We keep no records of wallet keys or pass-phrases, and encourage users to take additional steps to further secure their wallets after receiving them by unloading, resetting, and reloading their device. We even provide instructions on the resetting process.

How does pricing work? Why pay more for $100 worth of a coin?

Wallets are sourced directly from the manufacturer and we charge just $125 - one the lowest price's anywhere! Next, $100 worth of currency is preloaded onto the wallet and just $50 covers our preloading fee and fees occurred on exchanges. Shipping is free!

Not interested. How can I buy a new, factory-sealed cryptocurrency hardware wallet?

Preloaded not for you? You should still protect your investment.

We sell brand new wallets through our site, Amazon, and through our eBay store. Buy a brand new, factory-sealed Ledger Nano S directly from our site for just $150, one of the lowest prices available anywhere shipping from the U.S.

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